patsy wilhelm

Travel Crazy Gal. My first trip ever was with a 6 week student group to Europe. It opened my eyes to a world filled with interesting languages, food, customs, scenery, history and culture. It was then that I realized I should have paid closer attention in World History, Art Appreciation and been more serious about a second language.

And the rest, they say, is history. That was 1968 and in the last 50 years my husband and I have visited more than 124 countries, taken all the major river cruises in Europe, have over 1,000 cruise days and met and made friends from all over the world, many we are in touch with regularly.

I have worked as an Independent Agent for the last 10 years. I eat, sleep and live travel. The only thing better than planning travel for my clients is traveling myself. Having been to many parts of the world myself, I can offer insights to clients that are backed with firsthand knowledge.

Travel will open your eyes, touch your heart, spark your imagination and curiosity, and make this incredible world we live in more familiar. But a word of caution, travel is addicting!